Misunderstandings are gross and unfortunate.

In almost all departments, our groups are seen by inspectors as the active nuclei of a pedagogy without bias, which, born of a vast cooperative effort at the base, can be used as close to the progress of our secular school. And we welcome the international exhibition of the School Magazine which will be held in May at Educational Museum brings the consecration of an official taking account of our long efforts.

All this positive we can only praise us and that inevitably will mark our future achievements. In the absence of a lazy solution would have been inserted in the bill of the obligation to apply but in what spirit! – modern techniques, he certainly found Directors and Directors of Ecole Normale, who do not will not yet developed and will continue to prepare for 1958 or 1960 1900. They are deprecated template educators in advance by the official considerations.

He found fussy Inspectors who have nostalgia impeccable notebooks and well-made lessons that facilitate the rapid establishment of the inspection report. If this is, is that we would have triumphed at 100% and we should not only rest on our laurels. Misunderstandings are gross and unfortunate.

They are not, alas! Inspectors monopoly. I would say it is among the teaching staff that we encounter more opposition – even difficult – and it is a secret that to say here – with our deep regret unionists – how we are worried silence and opposition SNI and Liberator School. We know, alas! Also, another serious obstacle: overcrowded classes and inhumanity barracks schools.

This danger is much worse for us than the transient opposition of a director of IN hostile or fussy inspector. And that’s why we are fighting stubbornly against this overload of classes and its consequences. *** This is certainly not in the order removing the duties of the evening and reorganizing school work accordingly, we need to seek comfort. This is a patching is wrong or very far or very deep, and it will be up to teachers and inspectors to develop in practice.

And in the meantime, new programs emerge an hour a day that we can very well use at the times that suit us for free texts, printing, school newspaper, conferences, drawing, these new forms of “homework” school recommended by the major document we will invoke as it will become law. We will resume then the explanatory memorandum to the bill will become law shortly, hopefully.

This is the last editorial in which disappeared some of the formulas probably a little too cookie cutter which we had claimed. But as it is, this document is enough, and we enough. You have to keep these texts for future reference if necessary and invoke if necessary for your defense.

Certainly “all these concerns can not be translated in terms of law and may not be included in the reform proposed text. They however are not foreign to him and it was important that they should be highlighted here to inspire the further development of programs of different teachings and the development of their methods. ” We can not quote all the passages that justify our work and 100% place it in the who can i pay to do my homework
context of reform. You soulignerez yourself in the text.

We give only the basics: The reformed education is an ongoing issue for all companies in evolution path and its evocation is perpetually reliving the quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns. This tradition (scholastic) has its grandeur and this pedagogy virtues. She excels at developing intelligence that can be called speculative or discursive, which designs with words and moves at ease in the general ideas el deductive reasoning, in essays or problems.

But it may not perhaps gives full value to other forms of intelligence that not be considered inferior, such artistic intelligence that designs with images, visual, audio or tactile; the understanding of the material that is the skilled craftsman … We must react against the intellectualist prejudice under which only had an abstract education, only the years in which the greatest share comes to formal logic, constitute the tests intelligence capable of revealing the best.

Teaching tomorrow, with the task of driving through adolescence all children, leaving his emphasis to the development of speculative intelligence, should not feed a lesser concern to recognize, seek and promote the other faculties of the mind. This broad view of the sources of human culture will inspire the content of programs of our various teachings.

In a world where human knowledge or extend constantly changing, education can not be the goal of distributing encyclopedic content, but rather to exercise the mind, and at the same time, the body and cararactere . It will teach children to understand, to judge and speak clearly. He will make them know the reality sensitive, inspire them a taste of research.

The removal of certain examinations, reforming others will object to, if not eliminate, at least to reduce what may still be verbal in many of our disciplines. Thus, we will fight overwork which currently conducting programs and overloaded a pedagogy that, sacrificing too much detail, demand too much memory.

Better management of the school day, elimination of homework for the duration of elementary and middle school, replacing them with work done in class under the guidance of teachers, the widespread use of active methods which cause the effort of the student, the use of audio visual media including instructional effectiveness is well established, all of which contribute to balance school work and leisure. We have nothing to add except that this is our program, we apply and we will endeavor to bring into the practice of our classes these judicious official considerations.

And would be at fault and those – inspectors or teachers – who, clinging to verbalism convicted, would impede full compliance with official guidance. We have now for us the instructions and regulations. No, as we see, due to pessimism. There is still reason to fight, but it knows us. *** And there is another positive aspect of the problem – in our case at least.

So far, for homework in the evening, it referred only to the manual. This form of duties is not only condemned, but strictly prohibited. What then?

We only bring the answer with our tools and work techniques honed long. What to do ? Write free text to be composed and printed to edit the school newspaper. Make prints at limographe. Match with other students and, to this end, prepare for them albums, drawings, paintings, surveys.

Enriching the file. Working in the work plan. Prepare conferences.

Experimenting, filicouper and pyrography, make montages and electrical maps, undertake genuine installations in the classroom and at home, make cutouts. Prepare models, singing, theater and puppets, clay modeling, cook and paint, dance, recording on tape, projecting still pictures, give themselves enthusiastically, including teachers, to a cooperative life, a collective effort that has nothing scholasticism, which has no relation to the prohibited duties is interested parents and children to work education, which earned us the culture of work.

To all those who brutally dispossessed of the stand homework and textbooks, waiting worried new guidelines, we offer all these possibilities of “active methods” officially recommended, extensively tested and that will contribute to a real education reform. We are pleased to publish below the article by which our friend Rigobert explains in detail how a city school, he beat the injunctions of programs and achieved practically this work education that we can promote.

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